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Philosophy of history
Multidisciplinary studies

The Department of History & civilization of Methodologica Universitas brings together professors and researchers in history and especially in methodology of the historical sciences. The department offers a multilingual programme through courses and workshops in History & civilization.

Department of
History & civilization

The History & civilization department offers on-site or online courses throughout the year.
The Department publishes regurarly reference books in addition to its annual journal Analytica Iranica.
The Department's catalogue is available in two languages ​​and summarizes all the activities of the department.
From the head of the department of History & civilization; Dr Mahdi Farhani Monfared
The Department of History & Civilization of Methodologica Universitas invites interested scholars in the fields of historical sciences to join its team.

The Department provides a great opportunity to be part of a creative participation in a broad range of intellectual activities, including but not limited to, online teaching and on ground courses, defining and leading research projects and publishing the outcomes of researches in the field of methodology of the historical sciences.

Our perspective on the historical sciences encompasses a wide spectrum disciplines, from History and Archeology to Paleography, Epigraphy, Codicology, Civilization and Antiquary. Scholars whose professions cover these fields are more than welcome to start an academic cooperation with the Department of History & Civilization.

You easily may design, offer, and teach courses in the different methodological subjects, such as the methodology of historical research, historiography, history of historiography, philosophy of history, local history, oral history, social history, and all other related fields.

Scholars, from different racial groups, nationalities, and genders who are interested in joining our team, can send us a letter of application, including the area of their teaching and research interests, along with a copy of their most updated CV by email at:
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