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Philosophy of history
Multidisciplinary studies

The Department of History & civilization of Methodologica Universitas brings together professors and researchers in history and especially in methodology of the historical sciences. The department offers a multilingual programme through courses and workshops in history and civilization.

Department of
History & civilization

The History & civilization department offers on-site or online courses throughout the year.
The Department publishes regurarly reference books in addition to its annual journal Analytica Iranica.
The Department's catalogue is available in two languages ​​and summarizes all the activities of the department.
Courses of the department of History & civilization
  Research methodology in history (1) (introduction)
   Research methodology in history (2) (advanced)
   Europe: A common legal past
   The Military History of Ancient Iran: 559 BCE-651 CE
   The History of pre-Islamic Persia
   Case study in historiography Practical principles, methodical approaches, tools and techniques
  Dissertation in History
   Medieval Iran under the Nomadic Dynasties (Part A: Mongols)
   Medieval Iran under the Nomadic Dynasties (Part B: Timurids)
   History of the Mongol's Empire
   Reemergence of Iran and Its History under the Safavid Empire
   Emergence and History of the Modern Middle East
   Basics on the Methodology of Historical Research (Introductory Level)
   The Methodology of Historical Research (Intermediate Level: Academic Theses Writing)
   The Methodology of Historical Research (Advanced Level: History and Theory)
   Philosophy of History
  History and Criticism: Basics and Principle
  Persian Historiography
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