Ecole Européenne de Méthodologie, Gouvernance et Prospective Stratégique
European School of Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight  
Founded in 2007 in Paris, Methodologica Universitas is the first private school to dedicate all of its activities to the methodology of the humanities. Today Methodologica Universitas is expanding its activities at international level.

Methodologica Governance University invites experts and researchers from all over the world to join its team.
This year as in previous years Methodologica Governance University offers its Master Class in collaboration with its academic partners.
The complete presentation is set in a catalogue providing a broad overview on the organization and activities of the school ...    
MGU's team
Methodologica Governance University’s team consists of:
   Board of directors
   President and founder : Daniel Delfani (
   Vice president and Executive director : Victoire Taheri (

   Academic board (see all)  
The Academic board of Methodologica Governance University is responsible for maintaining the scientific level of courses and training offered onsite or online.   It thus determines all the issues and subjects of courses as well as the assesment and evaluation of each course.  The Academic board is also responsible for policies and procedures related to academic matters and plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of teaching and research and ensures the implementation of procedures within Methodologica Governance University.  Methodologica Governance University Academic board is composed of personalities from academia and research that ensure the design and implementation of project to be consistent with the original objectives of Methodologica Governance University.
   Advisory board (see all)  
The Advisory board of Methodologica Governance University is providing strategic advice. Methodologica Governance University benefits from the knowledge of its Advisory board in the field of their expertise.  Methodologica Governance University Advisory board is composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives, providing quality improvement, and assessing program effectiveness.

   Project managers
   Muscat, Qatar: Mohammad Reza Akbari (
   Tbilisi, Georgia: Helen Giunachvili (
   Paris, France: Antoine Phelippeau (
   Tehran, Iran: Sepideh Mousavi (
   Tehran, Iran: Reihaneh Nazem (

   MGU's departments
   Department of Applied methodology
   Department of History & civilization
   Department of Law & international relations
   Department of Governance & politics
   Department of Economics and management
   Department of Strategic foresight
   Department of Applied languages
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