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International partnership
An academic agreement was signed in August 2014 in Tehran to implement joint activities.
The collaboration aims to develop a methodology for research and new teaching methods.
It was agreed to work towards the implementation of joint projects in the field of journalism and communication.
Academic Partnership Example

Academic Cooperation Agreement
Methodologica Universitas (MU); Graduate School of Methodology in Humanities/ Ecole Supérieure de Méthodologie des Sciences Humaines (Paris), whose headquarters are located at 279 rue de Vaugirard 75015 Paris - France represented by its President, Dr. DELFANI; hereinafter referred to as “MU”
The Institute xxx represented by its director, xxx. The Institute is located at xxx ; hereinafter referred to as “Institute”

MU and Institute together hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”.


Whereas Methodologica Universitas, Graduate School of the Methodology of the Humanities /Ecole Supérieure de Méthodolologie des Sciences Humaines was founded in Paris as a private graduate school of the Methodology of the Humanities and an independent institution registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Paris under the number 500 818 950 and at the Prefecture of Police of Paris as a training center under the activity number 11754854575;

Whereas Methodologica Universitas’s purpose is to promote and develop, at an international level, the collaboration among its members, as well as increasing the study and the knowledge of humanities studies and of related matters. Its originality consists of offering an inter-disciplinary approach to different issues involving the methodology in humanities;

Whereas Methodologica Universitas is an active research centre, gathering research centers for humanities researches; as well as publishing valuable sources for numerous and prestigious publications (articles, monographic works, colloquia, encyclopedia, thesis, manuscripts);

Whereas Methodologica Universitas has the most important digital library in the field of methodology in humanities in the world;

Whereas Methodologica Universitas publishes Analytica Iranica, the only academic review of its kind in two languages; French and English, dedicated to the Iranian history and civilization;

Whereas the Institute analyses mutual relations among parties with an aim to promote the importance of reconciliation, early prevention/preventive diplomacy and disarmament/ confidence building measures in the regional or global conflict resolution of the existing conflicts and the role of preventive actions against new global disputes;

Whereas the Institute aims to provide additional education, promote knowledge and scientific achievements with an emphasis on the political and economic connections within the region, among the regions and on the global level;

Whereas the Institute cooperates with relevant institutions from Europe, America, Asia and the MENA-Balkans (South-Eastern Europe) on projects, studies and analyses.

Whereas the Institute pursues a common objective, which is to promote the study and development of humanities studies;

Whereas as the institutions, convinced that the scientific and academic cooperation is mutual interest to both institutions, they agree to establish a programme of academic and educational cooperation in areas of common interests.

Therefore, the parties have decided to undertake this cooperation convention, which will be part of a network of agreements that Methodologica Universitas wishes to conclude with other universities and research centres.

In this convention, the parties particularly, focus on an academic collaboration for academic researches and education within the framework of UniVirtuelle, the first virtual university dedicated to methodology in humanities.

The parties will collaborate to develop the Digital Library of humanities and other exchanges to implement library and resources of research in the fields of humanities.

The parties will exchange activities reports and publications and particularly collaborate for the publication of Analytica Iranica.

The parties shall examine the possibility of exchanging professors or researchers within the framework of UniVirtuelle.

The parties will analyze the possibility of extending this convention to other institutions that pursue similar study and research goals.

The parties will analyze the possibility of mutually or separately organizing collective research, which could include joint publications, with other members of the network that is being created.

The parties shall regularly inform each other of their research and other scientific activities that they organize.

The present convention will be widely diffused by the parties and posted on their websites. So by this convention the parties authorize the other party to use its official logo only for common publications and common projects such as conference, exhibition, conference, workshop, etc.

This agreement is entirely academic and in no case will the financial partnership envisage. Any other form of financial collaboration will be subject to a new convention with its own rights.

Upon termination, Methodologica Universitas, nor does the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan studies will be accountable to each other for financial or other losses arising there from.
Activities which are ongoing at that time will still be carried to completion.

The parties may terminate this agreement by sending a registered letter to the attention of the other party.

This agreement imposes no legal commitment, and administrative and no financial commitment for both parties.

This agreement shall take effect from the date of signature by both institutions for a period of five years. It will be automatically renewed for an equal period. Either party may terminate this agreement by written notification within 6 months notice.

This agreement is a framework agreement between the two institutions. Proposals for specific programs or academic actions are communicated to the representative of the institution’s representative subsequently apply for approval of the other party.

This agreement will be considered as the reference document of any cooperation agreement between the parties.

Supplementary agreements on any other program will stipulate the specific commitments of the parties and will be an agreement in writing, validated by the official representatives of the partner institutions. The scope of activities covered by this agreement will be determined by the availability of resources of each institution and the aid that could be obtained.

Each institution shall designate an official who is responsible for the implementation of this agreement:

For The Institute, Dr. xxx
For Methodologica Universitas (MU), Dr. Delfani
In case of change of representative, the institution shall notify promptly the change to the other party.
Date and signature
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