Ecole Européenne de Méthodologie, Gouvernance et Prospective Stratégique
European School of Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight  

International partnership
An academic agreement was signed in August 2014 in Tehran to implement joint activities.
The collaboration aims to develop a methodology for research and new teaching methods.
It was agreed to work towards the implementation of joint projects in the field of journalism and communication.

Methodologica Governance University has established partnerships in the field of teaching methodology applied to disciplines of the humanities with universities as well as public and private institutions.

These partnership agreements aim to develop a methodology for teaching and research and apply new targeted teaching methods. Moreover, these partnerships stipulate an academic opportunity to exchange and implement international joint projects.

Methodologica Governance University organize with its partner training sessions, conferences and international academic events.

Partnership with other universities also allows Methodologica Governance University to consider distance or blended learning projects in different countries.
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