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The History of pre-Islamic Persia
Course information
A basic knowledge of history of Persia would be an asset but is not mandatory.

Training content
- Overview of Pre-Achaemenid Era of Iran (Bronze Age to Medes)
- Cyrus II and Rise of the Achaemenids (559-522 BCE)
- Darius I-Xerxes I (521-465 BCE)
- Artaxerxes I to Alexandrian Conquests (464-330 BCE)
- Seleucids and Rise of Parthia (300s-1 BCE)
- Phraates IV-Osroes I (1-c.129 CE)
- Decline and overthrow of the Parthians (c.130-224 CE)
- Rise of the Sassanians (224-300 CE)
- The Shapur II-Khosrow II Era (300-627 CE)
- Decline of the Sassanians and the Islamic Conquests (627-651 CE)

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HIS / CP / 203
Course available as of:
May 2015
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Distance course
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Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, audio, video
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10 sessions
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